Autosteer and Auto Lane Change

Tesla offers an optional enhanced autopilot package which enables features like Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer and Auto Lane Change. After completing the self-calibration process these feature can be activated.

Before Autosteer can be used it needs to be enabled in the settings menu (Controls → Settings → Driver Assistance → Autosteer → ON). To activate Autosteer pull the cruise control lever towards you twice in quick succession. The grey Autosteer icon will turn blue indicating Autosteer is active. If the steering wheel does not recognize your hands for a period of time it will display a warning on the instrument panel. Once you apply light force to the steering wheel the warning disappears. If you ignore the warning a chime will be played. After ignoring the warning several times the chime increases in frequency and the vehicle will automatically turn on the warning flashers and slow down to complete stop.

Another enhanced autopilot feature is Auto Lane Change. Like Autosteer it needs to be enabled in the settings menu before the first use (Controls → Settings → Driver Assistance → Auto Lane Change → ON). Auto Lane Change can be activated only if Autosteer is currently active. To initiate a lane change check if it safe to move into the target lane and engage the appropriate turn signal. Once the lane change completed disengage the turn signal.

Teslas autopilot features are currently in BETA status. Teslas autopilot is a level 2 autonomous driving system which requires the driver to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times. For current information on software updates please visit