Tesla Software Update Version 9 - Navigate on Autopilot, Mad Max mode and Atari games

With implementation of the new software update Version 9 Tesla is releasing several new features to its fleet of autonomous cars. The automaker has put a special focus of its software version 9 release on its ‚Navigate on Autopilot‘ feature. But there are as well other cool new features on board with the new firmware release, some of them already got hinted earlier by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

Especially to mention new features of Software version 9 are the Atari video games (hidden as Easter Egg), the dashcam feature which is using Tesla’s autopilot cameras and the new user interface for Model S and Model X (which is similar to Model 3’s UI). For all Model 3 owners the software version 9.0 update finally brings the long awaited Calendar, Energy and Web Browser applications to their Tesla touchscreens.

In addition the new UI also includes a new application launcher at the bottom of the touchscreen and a new Autopilot UI, which includes renderings of motorcycles and trucks in the head unit display.