How to change the key fob battery of Model X

The Tesla key fob uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to automatically open and lock the doors when in a close range. The sensors are located at the front doors and the rear bumper, and have a range of one meter (three feet). This range depends on the strength of the key battery which lasts for approximately a year. If the door handles become less responsive when approaching your Tesla, it is time to replace your key fobs battery! Furthermore you will get a screen warning „Key battery needs replacement“.

How to change the key fob battery of Model X:

What do you need?
  • CR2354 battery
  • The Tesla-provided tool (included in the box when Model X was initially purchased) (or a small flathead micro screwdriver)


Follow these 4 easy steps: 

1. Open the battery cover

To open the battery cover place the key upside down and locate the small notch at the end of the key. Release the battery cover using the Tesla-provided tool, a small flathead screwdriver or your fingernail.

2. Remove the old battery

Push down the battery on side and slide it out at an angle.

3. Insert the new battery

Before inserting the new battery peel off the backing if there is one. If you touched the flat surfaces of the battery wipe it clean to avoid a reduced battery life. Slide the battery into position at an angle toward the Positive contact located near the center of the key and press down firmly on the other side of the battery. Make sure the `+` side of the battery is facing up.

4. Close the battery cover

The last step is to close the battery cover. Align the tabs on the cover with the corresponding slots on the key and press the cover down until it snaps into place.


This video shows how to remove the Tesla Model X key battery: